• The Dreamiest Café We’ve Ever Been To: El Café de Las Flores

    So many of us live our lives on the run, spending hours in our favorite café to get work done. Our new favorite venue checks all our boxes for a perfect workplace café! This café is located in downtown Cordoba, Spain. It is a combination cafe-restaurant and flower shop, and it has a dreamy vibe with its gorgeous art on

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  • How Going to Cordoba Spain Changed my Make-Up & Brand | 707AVE | Nina Ferreyra

    How Spain Gave Me the Red Lip

    For those of you who have been following my journey… you know that my one of my dreams has been to move to Spain. I declared it two years ago and finally did it in March and secured my apartment in Córdoba, Spain. Córdoba is about an hour away from Málaga and the beach. In the heart of the city, it feels like you could be walking the streets of New York.

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  • The Hidden Gems of Ibiza

    Written by Christina West | Photography by Infinity Ibiza For many years when people asked where I lived, I said “Ibiza” and was faced with the kind of blank expression and lack of recognition that one would expect when mentioning a small, remote and as yet undiscovered island. But certainly not one with over 2 million tourist visits per year.

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  • Rania Esper, The Blush Diaries

    How to Live the Life of Your Dreams

    5 simple steps to living your dream life.

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  • bali-indonesian-island-tirta-empul-temple-holy-water-flows-707ave13

    Where to Stay in Bali: Discovering 8 Different Experiences in One Destination

    Of over 30 destinations I’ve had the privilege of experiencing in my lifetime, Bali is certainly one my favorites.

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