How Spain Gave Me the Red Lip

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How Going to Cordoba Spain Changed my Make-Up & Brand | 707AVE | Nina Ferreyra


By: Nina Ferreyra

For those of you who have been following my journey… you know that my one of my dreams has been to move to Spain.

I declared it two years ago and finally did it in March and secured my apartment in Córdoba, Spain.

Córdoba is about an hour away from Málaga and the beach.

In the heart of the city, it feels like you could be walking the streets of New York.

The streets are compact and busy except during the hours of la siesta which starts at 3pm at ends at 5pm. La siesta is when the majority of stores close.

In the city of Córdoba, one major thing stuck out at me.

The makeup.

Women wear their makeup with confidence in Spain.

And the makeup isn’t applied to cover anything.

Rather, it is worn boldly.

And every woman is wearing red lipstick. Like seriously all of them, well maybe you might see orange or purple lipstick — but they are all wearing lipstick 🙂

And all of the rest of their make-up was was applied boldly.

The blush, the eyeshadow… it was all applied in a really fun, bold, and powerful way to make a statement. It wasn’t applied to hide anything.

And I really don’t think it was applied to impress anyone.

The second thing that I noticed is that all the women in Córdoba seemed really confident.

They walked the streets confidently and boldly.

They spoke confidently and clearly.

And they smiled confidently.

And I could tell that they weren’t afraid to be themselves and have fun.

Instead of trying to hide their beauty, they showed their beauty with confidence.

After a few days in Córdoba, Spain, I felt out of place and started putting on red lipstick.

As I put the red lipstick on, I started to feel more confident.

I felt like I was making a statement.

And I felt like I was stepping into my truth.

One day, I put on the red lipstick, applied a little more make-up than I normally would, and hit the streets.

I felt taller and I felt like I was on top of the world.

Was it the lipstick that caused the shift?

A simple tweak in what I did?

While I’m not 100% sure I can say it was the all in the magic of the red lipstick…

I do believe that it was this small simple act that changed something in my mindset and how I perceived myself.

As I put the lipstick on, I became that confident woman.

I knew that anything was possible and that anything I wanted could be mine.

What do you think? Is there something that you can do to give you an instant confidence boost and mindset shift?

Is it putting on red lipstick or wearing that dress you haven’t worn in forever?

Or maybe its putting on a really pretty piece of jewelry that makes you feel amazing.

Or maybe even just putting on your favorite CD?

Discuss below in the comments! What is one thing that helps makes you feel instantly confident?

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p.p.s. – National Lipstick Day is on Saturday, July 29th, so get ready! 



Nina Ferreyra