The Dreamiest Café We’ve Ever Been To: El Café de Las Flores

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So many of us live our lives on the run, spending hours in our favorite café to get work done.

Our new favorite venue checks all our boxes for a perfect workplace café!

This café is located in downtown Cordoba, Spain.

It is a combination cafe-restaurant and flower shop, and it has a dreamy vibe with its gorgeous art on the walls, fresh flowers, and rich coffee to die for!

Not to mention the breakfast choices including the tostada with Spanish jamón, tomato, and olive oil, the tostada with avocado, cheese, honey, and walnuts, and many more delicious sweet treats.

Attention to detail is paramount as we get our breakfast on a tray with a big smile!

We can sit for hours undisturbed and get work done in this home-away-from-home cafe of dreams!

What makes a great workplace café?

While everyone has their own preferences, we believe there are some essential features of a perfect working café space. These include:

  1. High-Speed Wi-Fi
  2. Excellent coffee & delicious food
  3. Solitary space where you are not bothered
  4. Attractive surroundings
  5. Great service

You can follow El Café de Las Flores on Instagram here: @elcafe_de_lasflores

Do you have a favorite workplace café? Tag your favorite café in the comments below and tell us why you love it!




Nina Ferreyra