It’s simple… but you most likely won’t take action

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It’s really simple, but sadly a majority of you won’t take action.

You won’t wake up to the life that could be yours.

In the dream location that could be yours.

And the clients and the dream business that you could have.

You won’t take action and you won’t show up for yourself.

You keep living life in sub-par conditions wondering why you never get ahead.

Wondering if this year will be any different.

You slow yourself down.

Tell yourself excuses of why “of course that person is successful and I’m not.”

Or you kind of just forget what you wanted to do in the first place.

You keep your dreams hidden in the back of your mind.

You tell yourself “one day”.

“One day when I win the lottery… I’ll do this.”

Then you wake up and you’re 85 years old.

Looking back at all of the things you wish you would have done.

Wishing you really would have put yourself first.

Wishing you didn’t listen to that person that didn’t know what the F they were talking about.

Wishing you would have spent time with yourself.

Wishing you would have created the business that supported you and your family without having to work all day long…

Spinning around in circles trying to figure out what to do with your life.

If only you had gotten clarity.

If only wouldn’t have listened to the naysayers.

If only you said yes to yourself.

Nina Ferreyra is a life and business coach that helps women create the life of their dreams. She is also the founder of 707AVE. If you would like a life coach, sign-up to Nina’s Life coaching package here: Life Coaching Package



Nina Ferreyra