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And How I Gained Clarity in My Business…707ave-nina-ferreyra-how-i-got-clarity-in-my-business-ocean-clear


By: Nina Ferreyra

About a year and a half a go, I started 707AVE — an online luxury lifestyle magazine. I knew that I wanted it to grow really big and become the next Refinery29, but I didn’t know how to make money with it.

All I knew is that I wanted it to scale fast, make a lot of money, and inspire millions of women to live the life of their dreams while giving back to A21, a non-profit that helps prevent and bring awareness to human trafficking.

I was a girl with a huge dream… and a big heart.

But, with that dream, I lacked true clarity and confidence in my business and in myself.

I was stuck.

One week I would be really excited about my business with a lot of motivation, the next, I would be really depressed and wouldn’t know what to do.

Because of my lack of clarity, direction, and lack of not knowing how to make a profit with my business, I would go down a downward spiral of criticizing myself for not knowing what to do. Some days I felt like I couldn’t even function.

One night when I was really frustrated, I prayed to God and said “please just tell me what to do, I want to serve you and inspire women to live the life of their dreams.”

After I said that prayer, I heard “before you can serve me, or anyone else, you must love yourself 100%.”

I had never heard a message so crystal clear like that, let alone ever hearing anything after saying a prayer.

After that message, I began a yearlong journey of self-love and self-discovery. In that journey, I uncovered all of the layers that were holding me back in my business. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to do; it was lack of clarity and true confidence in myself.

When I realized that I was holding myself back, I discovered the steps needed to retrain my mind for crystal-clear clarity in my business and life.

These are the five steps that have helped me strengthen my intuition, gain confidence in myself, and have helped me make the right business decisions.

5 Steps to True Clarity & Confidence

1. Work the Mind & Change Your Belief System
In your subconscious mind, you have beliefs that you’re holding onto that you don’t even know exist. These are the beliefs that tell you that you’re not good enough, or “that’s not going to work”, or “I didn’t come from a rich family, so that won’t happen for me.”

In your conscious mind, you might believe in yourself and believe in your idea, but if you haven’t worked through these deep-rooted issues, then your subconscious mind will sabotage it because it believes the same story that “you’re not good enough”.

These crazy thoughts make your conscious mind muddy and confused. And that’s when you become stuck.

When this happens, turn to your journal.

Work through the crazy thought you’re thinking and why something won’t work. Then go through and list all of the reasons why it will work. Then write an affirmation that supports your new belief and repeat it to yourself everyday.

2. Get Quiet
Everyday you need to get quiet with yourself. That means tuning into yourself and listening to yourself on what you truly desire. When you tune into yourself, you’ll become clear on your next step. You can get quiet by developing a morning routine of meditating, journaling, listening to music that speaks to your soul, exercising, and spending time with yourself.

3. Stop Listening to Everyone Else
When you stop listening to everyone else, that’s when you’ll get clear on what you want and you won’t be confused anymore. You can only take in so much information and then you really have to make your own decision.

4. Play
When you’re really stuck, sometimes the best thing to do is something that takes your mind off of it. You could watch a movie you’ve always wanted to see, go for a walk, or re-connect with a hobby that you haven’t done in a while. “Playing” will help you to see your lack of clarity in a new light and you’ll be able to gain insight on your next step.

5. Build Your Confidence
Crystal-clear clarity comes when you’re 100% confident in yourself and you believe in yourself. If you’re not confident in yourself or in your idea, then it won’t work. You can’t let a shred of doubt enter your mind. And you can’t go down that rabbit hole of thinking that it’s not going to work. You have to believe in yourself and then commit to seeing your vision through.

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