I’m Back! And I am beyond excited!

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Hi, my name is Nina Ferreyra.

And I am so excited to announce that 707AVE is back!!!

When I first started 707AVE, I had big goals — to become the biggest and fastest growing companies…

And to inspire millions of women to live the life of their dreams.

As I set out to launch 707AVE — it was an immediate success.

I grew from ZERO Facebook fans to 10k Facebook fans in under six months and an email list of over 12,000 people.

All organically and all without any Facebook advertisements AT ALL.

But, I stopped myself from moving forward and I slowly got rid of my founding team.

I stopped myself because I lacked clarity and confidence in myself.

And I couldn’t see the “how” or the framework for making 707AVE work the way I wanted it to work.

I also suffered from major limiting beliefs — like:

⇢ Who am I to do that?

⇢ Why should I even send out that email blast?

⇢ I shouldn’t even bother trying…

These crazy limiting beliefs held me back in so many ways.

And STOPPED me from releasing articles and doing the things I desired to do with the magazine.

I was also very confused because I had multiple passions.

I loved self-help and the business side of things.

And I loved the idea of coaching women to help them create the life of their dreams.

Stuck in a tug-of-war between working on a magazine that inspires women to create the life of their dreams and actually working one-on-one with women to actually doing it and giving them the tools to do so…

I silently set 707AVE off to the side for one year, spent time on my spiritual and self-love journey to clear limiting beliefs and work on creating rock-solid confidence, and started a new life and business coaching business over at www.ninaferreyra.com.

And I am so happy that I did!

Now, I have two businesses AND I can see how both companies can work in tandem — me being a life coach / business coach that helps women to create the life of their dreams…

And the magazine that helps to inspire and foster the community for women to do so…

I am now opening up my magazine back up for submissions, sponsorship opportunities, and affiliate partnerships.

707AVE is the place to get inspired and to open up a brand-new world for you.

To discover new things, people, and new adventures.

It is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to improving the quality of your life.

Because I am on a mission to inspire and help everyone create the life of their dreams.


707AVE’s Mission:

Our mission is to inspire millions of women to live the life of their dreams.

Our desire is to create a platform where the voice of women can be heard and every woman realizes their potential to create the life of their dreams.

We strive to inspire others by showing them what is possible and how they can do it too.

707AVE is a journey and pathway to creating the life of your dreams.

It is our desire to build 707AVE into a mainstream media company that showcases positive, inspirational, and uplifting stories that inspires others to do good in the world become the best version of themselves.


If you would like to submit an article to be published to 707AVE — email submissions@707ave.manifestwithnina.com/dev/.

If you would like to learn about sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please email advertising@707ave.manifestwithnina.com/dev/.

Thank you for supporting 707AVE.

If you would like to make a pledge to support our mission, you may do so here: Make a Pledge to 707AVE



Nina Ferreyra