“I’m fat.”

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I’m fat.

I can’t lose weight. I’ll always be fat.

I can’t make dinner; I’ll be ridiculed by my spouse and children for whatever I make.

I can’t clean. I wouldn’t be doing it enough or right!

I can’t make money. I won’t ever amount to anything because I’m a stupid lazy ass even my own husband could not stand.

I’m safe not doing anything because I’ll just be scolded by my spouse for being a lazy ass and that is better than having my efforts and act of love being spit on.

Then I started acting again to raise money for charity in my community.

But I couldn’t perform unless I got a babysitter???

Because my spouse was unwilling to deal with his own kids?

Fuck that!

I had become widely awaken and aware of the emotional abuse that had been going on.

Because I began to love myself.💗

Yes, threats still scared me at the time and I was literally shaking because the man I loved and gave everything to for 9 years did not really love me. The good never outweighed the bad.


But I was done putting up with nonsense.


I use to know where I would be in five years. But sometimes in my marriage, I didn’t know where I would be the next five days. We literally moved 15 times in one year.

I did it all for love of HIM.

Fuck that!

I can choose who I love and thrive in a relationship not having to settle for unhappiness in a relationship because I do not need to stay with the father of my children.

Because I love myself and know what I deserve.

At first, I didn’t love myself. I didn’t think I needed to love myself because I need to be selfless and put others before me.

Fuck that!

If I don’t take care of myself, how can I take care of anyone else, especially my kids.

And because I love myself, I can forgive 🌟myself and accept my mistakes.

Because I forgive myself, I can forgive my spouse and others who have hurt me.

To forgive, I must be thankful for those experiences because they are lessons vital to my life and personal strengths, showing me things need to be change.

I have learned and grown so much and am still going through a divorce right now.

But I know I am going to be fabulously loving life because I am fabulously loving MYSELF 💃🏻🌟💖💋

Love yourself and be happy 🤗

You deserve it 💖

This post was written by Britney Berryman. 



Britney Berryman