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  • Interview: Alicia Sixtos, Actress on Hulu’s East Los High

    I recently had the chance to interview Alicia Sixtos to discuss her career and her role as Maya in East Los High. You might recognize Alicia from her recurring role as Carmen Cruz in ABC Family’s The Foster’s, The Avengers, or the 2006 the Sundance Film Festival winner, Quinceañera.

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  • The Dreamiest Café We’ve Ever Been To: El Café de Las Flores

    So many of us live our lives on the run, spending hours in our favorite café to get work done. Our new favorite venue checks all our boxes for a perfect workplace café! This café is located in downtown Cordoba, Spain. It is a combination cafe-restaurant and flower shop, and it has a dreamy vibe with its gorgeous art on

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  • 7 Fun Facts About the Ubiquitous Octopus

    October 8th is World Octopus Day, and everyone is talking about the octopus! The Netflix original documentary “My Octopus Teacher” won the Academy Award last year for best documentary film. This year, the NYT best-selling novel “Remarkably Bright Creatures”, came out to rave reviews. It tells the story of a friendship between an old woman and an octopus, and we interview the author in our October issue!

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  • Passionate about Pasta? Celebrate National Pasta Day!

    October 17th is National Pasta day and we are featuring pasta front and center! Did you know that China claims to have invented pasta, and Marco Polo brought it back to Europe from there in 1721? Thomas Jefferson fell in love with pasta when he lived in Paris in the 1780s and brought it back to the U.S. But it is Italy that truly is the home of pasta since the 13th century, and since then they have disseminated it worldwide. Here are some of our favorite pasta-centric picks for your al dente-style celebration.

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  • Rania Esper, The Blush Diaries

    How to Live the Life of Your Dreams

    5 simple steps to living your dream life.

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  • Glow on the Go in Hot Pink

    Celebs go hot pink! The hot pink Barbiecore trend continues into fall, its flames fanned by the upcoming 2023 “Barbie” movie, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbe as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. Get the latest on our favorite neon pink fashion picks!

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  • Interview: Shelly Tygielski, Global Community Organizer, Self-Care Activist and Author

    Mindfulness coach, philanthropist, and author, Shelly Tygielski is the founder of Pandemic of Love, one of the most innovative global movements to arise during the pandemic. A radical self-care activist and community organizer, she founded this mutual-aid operation in early 2020 when she posted two Google forms online. One read “Get Help,” the other “Give Help”. The next morning, there were hundreds of requests from both choices. Since then, this direct-aid organization has grown exponentially, matching 2.5 million people, and has become a disrupter among philanthropic organizations. Shelly has been named a CNN Hero and has received kudos from many, including President Biden, who credits Shelly with “saving people’s lives and giving them hope.” Shelly believes that changing the world starts with the individual…

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  • Interview: Pamela Romo, Fashion Curator of The Juliet Blog

    I started my blog while I was working in Vogue. I felt like I had too much creativity and since I lived and breathed fashion it was perfect timing.

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  • Interview: Shelby Van Pelt, Bestselling Author of Remarkably Beautiful Creatures

    Marcellus the Octopus is the perfect mascot for World Octopus Day! Smarter than the humans around him, a nightly escape artist from his aquarium tank, and a most lovable curmudgeon, this unique character floats up from the pages of Shelby Van Pelt’s debut novel, “Remarkably Bright Creatures”, a 2022 New York Times bestseller and “Read with Jenna” pick. The novel tells a heart-warming story about relationships, most notably a friendship between an octopus and an older woman, Tova. Along the way we encounter a whole host of quirky, engaging characters plus a mystery to be solved that kept us turning the pages until the end.

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  • Ana de Armas is Pretty in Pink

    It may be fall, but the color pink is everywhere! From gowns to dressy sandals, to winter jackets, bags, and sunglasses, pink is the now color! At the Venice Film Festival, actress Ana de Armas wore a pink Louis Vuitton evening gown for the premiere of the Marilyn Monroe bio “Blonde” which premiered on Netflix. Check out our beautiful pink fashion picks for fall!

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  • Amy Holt

    Interview: Amy Holt, Actress, Producer & Model

    I’m a Cali native and grew up in a small town outside of Los Angeles called Chino. I discovered my passion for acting at the age of six in local community theatre. I was obsessed with everything about it and loved the way I could be my goofy self and effect people.

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