How much longer am I going to fake this persona? A Fashion Photographer’s Story

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Photographer: Alecia Lindsay
Model: Megan Barkley from TCM
Hair & Makeup: Shyn Midili
Co-creator: Lynnsey Phillips

Alecia Lindsay is a 23 year old fashion photographer whose work has been featured in Photo Vogue, Ellements, Facade, Solis, as well as many other magazines. She’s Alaskan born, and is currently based in Seattle, Washington. You can follow Alecia Lindsay on Instagram @AleciaLindsay.

As a child, I loved to create. My imagination, along with my crayon collection, was a river that did not run dry.

Unfortunately, like many other children, the world dismissed my talents as trivial. Adults made it clear that if I wanted to make it in this world, I needed to jump through the hoops and become a cookie cutter product of our public school system. So, I did what pretty much any kid would do— I believed them.

As I got older, this became the very foundation for my everyday struggles. The need to create hadn’t left, but I didn’t believe I had something worth offering.

In college, I was faced with these realizations: “How much longer was I going to fake this persona?” and “ How much longer could I do it until I outright exploded?”.

Or better yet, how many people just live under the radar not believing they are capable of pursuing their dreams? How many people have I met who weren’t given the opportunity to go after their life goals? Was I going to wake up one morning wondering why my whole life had been so dull?

Was it selfish of me to try to accomplish something? Or, would it be selfish to forfeit my opportunity?

As I faced these questions, I realized I was facing a fork in the road. Would I take the conventional path or forge my own, less traveled path? Rather than be ruled by fear of the “what-ifs”, I chose the path less traveled.

This journey has called me to grow in ways I wouldn’t have been able to imagine and to face fears I didn’t know I even had.

As I began to pursue my dreams, it became clear the only thing stopping me from reaching my goals was me. I just needed to go and do something about it. Today, I am a women’s portrait and fashion photographer on my way to forging an international business.

As a result of putting aside my fears, I’ve spent the last two months living out of my suitcase, traveling the West Coast of North America from California to Alaska. In my travels I have taken photos of models, photographed landscapes, and learned more than any college course can teach you about what it takes to pursue your passions.

Let me share three steps I’ve learned along the way to follow your dreams.

3 Steps to Following Your Dreams

1. Give Yourself Space to Listen

When was the last time you sat still without being distracted? Are you so busy being busy that you don’t see where you are headed?

Often, everything we need to know is right in front of us. We just need to take the time to listen.

For me, journaling has worked wonders. Write down your thoughts to get them out of the abstract and into reality. Journaling helps quiet the loud thoughts in your mind and allows you to focus on the tasks at hand.

2. Commit to Your Dreams

“A dream without a plan is just a wish” — Katherine Paterson

Set a date and make it happen! It seems counter intuitive, but one of the hardest parts for me was just committing to the idea and giving it a date. When you have a clear time frame, it tells your brain that you’re serious. It’s not just another idea that will fade away like the others.

Without a clear direction, the world chooses our direction for us. Take responsibility for your actions, and get your party started!

3. Start Small

Don’t get overwhelmed before you even get started! There’s a Chinese Proverb that states it beautifully: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

What’s the first thing you need to do to make this thing happen? More often than not, you are more capable than you think. Small wins build confidence.

Also, by breaking down big projects into smaller pieces, it seems much less intimidating.

These three steps can work wonders! Take a minute to create an action plan. Do this a few times a week to re-calibrate and make sure you are headed in the right direction.  And remember, without a clear direction, the world chooses our direction for us!

–Alecia Lindsay, Fashion Photographer

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Alecia Lindsay
Alecia Lindsay is a 23 year old fashion photographer whose work has been featured in Photo Vogue, Ellements, Facade, Solis, as well as many other magazines. She’s Alaskan born, and is currently based in Seattle, Washington.