My West Coast Tour in 60 days


I just finished my West Coast Photography tour, where I took photos of people all over the West Coast. I’m currently living in the Seattle area, and figured, “Why not travel the whole west coast?” Here’s a few things I did and places I visited along the way.



My West Coast Tour in 60 Days | 707 AVE

I found this adorable little koi pond at the Japanese Gardens.



At Salt and Straw, I enjoyed the world’s best salted caramel ice-cream.



I discovered the necessary persistence for shooting during a sandstorm at the dunes in Florence, OR.



I realized the importance of rest and relaxation during this perfect picnic with friends.



San Francisco


I found the most enchanting cliff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge at Lands End.



Next to the Land’s End, there is a beautiful museum called the Legion of Honor, where I visited the High Style exhibit. High Style is a costume collection from the Brooklyn Museum featuring gowns and accessories from the most influential designers over the last century.



I discovered the incredible architecture at San Francisco City Hall.



At Point Reyes, I was surprised to find that such vast natural beauty can be so close to a large city like San Francisco.



A close friend treated me to a magical night of homemade sushi and the San Francisco Ballet.


Los Angeles


I worked with a talented team — fashion model Ashley Ying, and hair and makeup artist Jessica Hoffman — for a creative beauty shoot, in Venice.



Model Aidan Anderson and I enjoyed the sunshine for a shoot on iconic Manhattan Beach.



I found fascinating rock formations at El Matador beach.



At Ponto Beach, I did a few portraits sessions with some wonderful ladies.



In Wasilla, I photographed a charming wedding at Gloryview Farm.


While staying in Big Lake, I explored on waverunners to find the cutest cabins on the lake.


I lugged around 5 books, but thankfully not in vain! I actually read them all on my trip. I found that reading was good balance between all the hustle and bustle of traveling from one place to the next.


At Earthquake park, I found a distant and striking perspective of Anchorage across the water.



I unsuccessfully fished at Russian River.


I discovered the blessing of having connections when the Brett Ice Arena opened just for me to do a private shooting.



It never fails — any shoot, anywhere, there’s a windstorm there just waiting for me to take photos in it. Working with talented wardrobe stylist, Christine A E of The Luxist (ig: @xpressionista) and hair stylist, Kristin Forbes of Untamed Hair (ig: @untamed907hair), was the perfect reminder of what wonders can happen with a great team.



I found that the perfect picnic is one with a dock, your best friend and brie cheese.

And, last but not least, I spent some time with my adorable little nephew. Looking back on my trip, this was definitely a transformational experience. Time is precious! And, it should be used wisely.

-Alecia Lindsay




Alecia Lindsay