Private Coaching

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Business Coaching Intensive

Get clear!!!

Are you frustrated in trying to figure out how to monetize your online platform or business?

Do you start something only to stop-half way?

Do you wish someone could give you an actionable plan and a roadmap to making money with your dream business?

Are you ready to let it be easy?

Work with me!

Hello! My name is Nina Ferreyra and I’m a Brand Clarity & Confidence Business Coach. I help women discover their true purpose and put their dreams into action. A year and a half ago, I was in this same exact spot. I was stuck and I was frustrated. I couldn’t figure out how to make money with my online magazine, 707AVE. I bought up every imaginable business course possible, followed and dissected everyone’s business, but I still could not put the pieces together! I had all of the information. But, it just was not clicking. Then I realized that I was not in alignment with what I really wanted and what I truly desired. I also realized that I was the one holding myself back. I was afraid, I wasn’t confident  and I didn’t believe in myself 100%. It was my lack of confidence that led me to a lack of clarity and confusion.

So, how did I get out of clarity and confusion? I went on a path of self-discovery and spirituality that helped me to get 100% clarity and in alignment with my truest desires.

When you work with me you will get:

-Inner Development + Self-Development Tools to find your true purpose

-Training on how to become confident in your abilities to do what you want

-A clear and actionable plan to create the business of your dreams with the revenue streams that will help to create financial freedom

-Clarity on what you want and how to make it happen

-Alignment with your truest desires



4-Month Business Coaching Clarity Intensive

What you get:

When you sign-up to work with me you receive:

-Ten 50-minute deep dive coaching sessions

-Spiritual & Self-Development tools & lessons that will help you get in alignment to create the business of your dreams

-Inner Healing lessons to release guilt and negativity that hold you back in your business

-An actionable plan with your revenue streams

-Unlimited email support between sessions

How it works:

*Use the link below to schedule a complimentary 20-minute Mini Session

*Come back here and choose the payment option that is right for you

*Check your email for links to my pre-coaching questionnaire and calendar

*Within 48 hours, I will send you the coaching contract that we will both sign

*Schedule your first session using the link from the email

Yes! I am SO ready Crystal Clear Business Coaching!

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