Jewelry Gifts for Her

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Since the dawn of time, jewelry has been donned for a multitude of reasons. It was used for spiritual reasons, as gifts, as adornments that made a statement. Very little has changed into the modern day except style and design.

This Christmas season, we look at today’s unique and iconoclastic designs for you to make your own for any occasion. Explore our jewelry gift picks for all kinds of holiday celebrations*.

First, we highlight jewelry designer Ashley Frost, who creates lustrous pearl stacks, and other semi-fine jewelry using sterling silver & 14 KT gold-filled pieces for optimum luster at an affordable price. Her adornments include Swarovski crystals and cut natural stones like sapphires, rubies, citrine, tiger’s eye and turquoise.

Shop this at to see the Ashley Frost collection.

We love these simple yet beautiful necklaces below to accent holiday get-togethers.

Designer Melinda Mayer captivates us with her double-jaguar ring and “She’s So Fine” tennis bracelet.

Shop this: Double-jaguar ring

For parties, we love glittery and beautiful pieces that take center stage.

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