Interview: Kathrin Zenkina, Creator of Manifestation Babe

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Kathrin Zenkina | Manifestation Babe | 707AVE by Nina Ferreyra

Kathrin Zenika | Manifestation Babe | 707AVE by Nina Ferreyra

Kathrin Zenika | Manifestation Babe | 707AVE by Nina Ferreyra

Kathrin Zenika | Manifestation Babe | 707AVE by Nina Ferreyra

By: Nina Ferreyra

I am so thrilled to bring you this interview with Kathrin Zenkina! Kathrin is a mindset and success strategist for women. She is also the creator of the Manifestation Babe brand. I have been following Kathrin for the past couple of months, and I knew I had to share this kick ass #CEOgirl with you!

Tell us about yourself and what you do:

My name is Kathrin Zenkina and I am a mindset coach and success strategist for women who know deep inside that they were meant for more, and want to live the kind of lifestyle that matches that inner knowing. I am also an author, speaker, and creator of the Manifestation Babe brand. Manifestation Babe is my personal development company that I founded in early 2016 to empower women to unleash their inner magic, breakthrough their limitations, and manifest realities wilder than their wildest dreams.

When did you know that you wanted to do what you do now? Was a there a specific tipping point in your life when you decided you wanted to build Manifestation Babe?

As a child, I have always spend time in the self help section of Barnes & Noble bookstore. It’s funny that at the time I would have never realized the Universe was always priming me to become a self help author and a mindset coach helping others get super clear on why they are on this planet and how to unleash their highest potential. I was always attracted to this field, but the turning point in my life was that moment when I invested $25,000 into my personal development and realized that now is my chance to put everything I ever learned to work and use it to help others.

What is your mission? And how does your mission play a part in why you founded Manifestation Babe?

My mission is to empower women. My mission is to be that light for them when they are finding themselves in a tunnel, and to remind them that they already have everything within them to be wildly successful. This is pretty much what I do on a daily basis at Manifestation Babe, and I am so honored to do this work full time now!

How did you get into mindset coaching? And what does it entail when you work with someone one-on-one?

Going through my own personal development journey, especially when it came to money, made me realize that I had a gift (and obsession) of taking complex concepts and principles and sorta bring them back to Earth. The spiritual personal development world is so full of jargon and “out there” language that I feel like it’s my gift to take it all, simplify it, and put a modern day spin on it. I feel like that’s what my audience relates to. When I work with someone 1:1, we do a lot of goal setting, working through limiting beliefs, and setting them up for success in their lives and businesses.

For those who don’t know what manifesting is, how would you describe it?

Manifesting is just taking an idea, concept, or fragment of your imagination and bringing it into your physical reality through the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction simply states that “like attracts like.” What you tend to focus on all day long, you will attract people, events, and circumstances of a similar vibration (or frequency) into your life.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to get started with intentionally manifesting amazing things into their lives? Or how can they get started?

Get super clear on what you want and why you want it. Then, tap into that version of yourself that already has what you want and take action in the direction of your desires. For instance, if you want to earn $10,000 per month, get super clear on the exact number. Then ask yourself why specifically you want that number (as so many women tend to pull numbers out of thin air). And after you get that clarity, ask yourself how would the version of yourself who is already earning $10,000 per month act? Think? Dress? Feel on a daily basis? It’s about tapping into that version of yourself, and then taking action towards your desires. What action must you take in order to bring in your $10,000? It can be something as simple as… create your first Facebook post sharing your idea or business. Or it can be as complex as creating a new coaching program, course, or product to start selling on your website. The missing link that so many women who want to learn how to manifest miss is the action component. You are co-creating with the Universe, and the Universe waits on you to take the first step before it comes in to take over with all the incredible miracles it has planned for you.

You just released a new book called, Unleash Your Inner Money Babe – Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days. Tell us about it!

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe is a book I wrote as a 21 day challenge to open you up to manifesting your very first $1,000. Each day I share a lesson, an assignment, and give you a space to complete your assignment workbook style. So far, the results have been INCREDIBLE. It’s been amazing to hear from women how much money they ended up manifesting at the end of the challenge.

Tell us a little bit about the process you take your readers through the 21 days and what they can expect while completing the exercises.

In the book, each day, I take readers through a daily lesson where I explain how manifesting works, what money really is, the mindset that wealthy people share, and the belief system that will serve you for the rest of your life when it comes to money. After each lesson, I take readers through an assignment called the “Money Babe Action” where you would put the lesson into action. The book is written as a workbook style book, however it is available on Kindle for the digital babes out there and you can complete the assignments using your favorite journal.

What is your favorite money mantra/affirmation?

Money is an unlimited resource, and it is ALWAYS flowing my way.

Do you have any tips for those who are thinking about writing and releasing a book?

Yes! Don’t overthink it. You probably have at least 10 books inside of you. Think of a topic you can absolutely see yourself writing about, and just start. You don’t have to know the book from start to finish. You can even start in the middle. Open up Microsoft Word and get to typing. As you allow the information, the stories, the anecdotes out, more and more words will start to flow through you. It’s an incredible process you’ll never experience unless you START. is an amazing platform to self publish your book on Amazon once you are finished.

What is the best advice you could give someone?

Best advice I can give someone is to choose yourself. Being selfish is also being selfless at the same time. If we are not fulfilled, how could we possibly fill up the cup of other people and give ourselves to the world? We must choose ourselves, preserve our energy, and then allow the world to experience our overflow.

What are some fun things your readers might not know about you?

This one is a tough one because I’m such an open book. I don’t think I’ve ever held a secret away from the thousand of people that follow me, lol! As for fave food? I LOVE raw tuna. Anything with raw tuna is amazing. Whether that is a poke bowl, sushi, sashimi, it doesn’t matter!

What are some of your favorite fashion brands? Or what are some of your favorite boutique stores in LA?

Louis Vuitton and Chanel are my top choices for handbags, but when it comes to clothes, I absolutely love this little chain store at the mall called “ANGL.” I don’t know what it is, but I ALWAYS find cute trendy clothes in there and walk out with bags upon bags. As for shoes, you can lose me in the shoe department of Bloomingdale’s and I will live happily ever after.

What’s one thing you wish you would have known before you started your business or what is one thing you would tell someone who is thinking about launching an online brand?

See every single challenge and obstacle as a sign of upleveling or growth. There is NEVER a reason to give up on your dream. I cannot say it enough: the desires, dreams, and passions of your heart were given to you for a reason. You were MEANT to manifest them. If you have an online brand that speaks to you, it’s because you’re the one who is supposed to put it out there. Get started, keep going, and never give up on your dream.

Who are some of the people in your life that have really inspired you or have helped you during the creation of Manifestation Babe?

My biggest inspirations at the time of creating Manifestation Babe were: Tony Robbins for unleashing something inside of me that I still to this day cannot explain; Bob Proctor for constantly reminding me that I was on the right path and by trusting my inner guide, I would eventually open up my divine channels of abundance; Amanda Frances for showing me what is possible; and Napoleon Hill for writing the book “Outwitting The Devil” that forever changed my perspective on fear.

Get Kathrin’s latest book: Unleash Your Inner Money Babe 



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