Apply to Join our First Ever Group Giveaway!

*Sample giveaway package.

Would you like to boost your Instagram following by 1,000 followers in the next couple of weeks?

707AVE is partnering with Nina Ferreyra to bring you a revolutionary way to grow your followers. 

We are selecting just a few Instagram accounts who will be selected to participate in our first ever group giveaway.

How it Works:

  • Together we will join forces and participate in a group giveaway that will help us to quickly grow our followers.
  • Followers equal new leads and potential customers and clients for our services and products.
  • 707AVE will put together a giveaway package and promote + advertise the giveaway where all entrants must follow our accounts to be entered to win! Thereby increasing your followers and readership on Instagram.


Want to be considered to join our Instagram group giveaway?

Please apply by emailing us at with:

  • Your Instagram username
  • Your email address
  • And why you think you’d be a good fit for this

What type of accounts are we looking for?

707AVE is looking for inspirational accounts that already have real and engaged followers. 


  • Your account must have a minimum of 200 followers to be considered to join. 
  • Your account must be inspirational & have high-quality content.
  • Your account must have real followers.

Fee: $150 

*Your fee covers part of the cost of the giveaway package and advertising to run the contest along with management of the giveaway to ensure a wonderful group giveaway experience.

Once your account is selected and approved to join the group giveaway, submit your payment, and you’re in!

If selected to participate, you will be notified by email.

Once we have all 5 accounts ready to go and selected, and they’ve made their payments, we will begin the process of the group giveaway.